Children are constantly finding ways to keep themselves busy throughout the day–playing outside, engaging in sports, arts and crafts activities, and much more. In addition to arts and crafts, why not add a Dry Erase Wallcovering to their bedroom or playroom?

With children using a dry erase board, they can expand their imagination. From using different colors to drawing full sized images, they are sure to have a ton of fun. Plus, it will be an easy clean up!

The benefits to adding a dry erase wallcovering are it can be installed in one-two days, can be multi-colored, can be used as a projectable screen, and it’s available with a marker tray or metal edge trim. This will keep your children busy and it’s environmentally friendly with a one-time purchase.

Dry Erase wallcoverings can be used for many things. They are perfect for schools, conference rooms, training facilities, retail settings, and graphic design environments. Whether you call it a marker board or whiteboard, Precision Wallcovering and Painting is the source for custom dry-erase wallcovering installations. Popular options include the magnetic dry-erase board, custom frame and the ability to add a cork board next to the Walltalkers™. We have installed these products in homes, schools, universities, retail stores and offices throughout Southern California. If you’re interested in adding a dry erase wallcovering to your home, please give us a call at (949) 493-1300 and our office staff will be happy to help!