Residential Wallcoverings

Designer wallcovering installation takes a great deal of knowledge of the material and skill to install it. Our expert paperhangers have an average of 15 years of experience. Wallpaper in a home helps bring out a room’s strong points and can create a new theme to your space. With experience hanging wallpaper in all types of applications: from Powder rooms, home offices, headboard walls, ceiling insets, or on a boat. Precision has the experience and knowledge to make sure it’s done correctly the first time

We can help guide you in selecting the correct type and amount of wallcovering for any space.

How to get a quick wallpaper installation quote

We know getting quotes for home improvement projects can sometimes be time consuming and a difficult process. We can provide a quick turnaround on labor budget, and material quantities, if we get the needed information below.

The first consideration in the process for selecting wallcovering is to know how much material you need. We have developed a way to get you a fast wallcovering quote for your material quantities, and labor price. In order to do this, we need some information to help better serve you.

This is the quickest way with the best price.

  1. Over all Room Dimensions – How Wide? How Long? How tall?
  2. Existing Surface- What is on the walls currently? Painted? Wallcovering? Type of texture?
  3. Selected Material- Manufacturer and pattern number of selected wallcovering. Or Width, length of roll, and repeat.
  4. Site Photos

We can also come out and do a site inspection for larger projects with more detail.

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How much does wallpaper installation cost?

  • Minimum trip charge is $420 within Orange County
  • Typical bathroom is $600 to $800 within Orange County
  • Typical Bedroom/Office is $800 to $1,500 within Orange County

None of the prices above include removal of old wallpaper, wall preparation nor do they include the price of wallcovering material.

Where do I buy wallpaper?

Wallpaper is available from Interior decorators, home improvement stores, and your local paint and wallpaper stores. If you’re interested in finding a retailer close to you, give us a call at 949-493-1300 .

Should I inspect my wallpaper when I receive it?

Yes. When you receive it, check the wallpaper you have purchased roll by roll to ensure you have the correct pattern, color and sufficient quantity of the same lot number. As in any printing process, there can be flaws you can spot with the naked eye. Some other flaws can include damaged edges, uneven coloring from side to side or roll to roll, or other flaws. So check your material before a paperhanger arrives to install the wallcovering.

How is wallpaper packaged?

Wallpaper comes in different lengths and widths and is priced by the linear yard, or single rolls, and  are packaged as double or triple roll bolts. Manufacturers do this to provide more usable wallpaper from the same run and dye lot.

Contract, or commercial, wallcoverings are manufactured specifically for commercial use and are either 52 or 54 inches wide and are sold by the linear yard. A lineal yard is the width of the roll (52″ or 54″) with a length of 36 inches(1 yard) and have 12 square feet of usable material per yard.

When should you prime walls before installing wallpaper?

Priming is the most important step in any wallpaper job, but there are exceptions. Deciding whether to prime or not takes the experience of a professional paperhanger. But most of the time there is a clear primer that goes on to insure adhesion, which is specified by most manufacturers.

Why do my walls need to be prepped before hanging wallcovering?

You must use a wall-protecting-type acrylic primer designed for wallcovering. This will allow for proper adhesion and removal at a later date.

Can wallpaper hide the cracks and unevenness in my wall?

All wallpapers dry tight to the wall so that wallpaper installers need to prepare and smooth the wall as if they were preparing to paint. Some wallcoverings show more than others; metallics and light-colored papers will show more imperfections than heavy woven papers and colorful patterns. To have a nice looking wall, it’s important to repair any imperfections that you can see or feel on the surface of the wall before installation.

Can you hang new paper over old wallpaper?

We always like to remove the existing paper when possible. If removing the old paper will damage the drywall integrity, we can prime the existing wallcovering, prep any uneven surfaces and install over old wallpaper. But each project is different so we recommend to consult our estimator or installer for your specific project needs.

Is the wallpaper adhesive you use considered a “green “ product?

Yes, all wallpaper adhesive we use is a green product/low VOC and some are L.E.E.D. approved. The adhesives are either wheat, cellulose or clay based.