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Acoustic Systems Panel Installation

“Stretched fabric mounting”

The world we live in today is full of sounds and sights. Without acoustic systems the sounds in a building are not muffled to help with the function of the space. Libraries, school facilities, home theaters, cinemas and sound studios are some places where acoustical surfaces can help improve the functionality of a space. Typical hard surfaces such as glass, drywall, wood, and concrete all reflect sounds within a space. To combat that, we install absorbing acoustical surfaces that lessen the effects of this reflection.  Precision has the capability to design and fabricate custom acoustical panels. With a proven track record, and hundreds of panel installs, you can count on Precision to get the job done right the first time.

Two installation terms can be used almost interchangeably.. The Track system or “Stretched Fabric System” is installed with a picture frame style surrounding trim which the fabric is stretched over and locked into.. This allows for the replacement of the fabric without changing the filler or frame down the road.

Almost any fabric can be used over the track system style installation. The wide range of uses and looks that a fabric wrapped track system can provide is one reason it is widely used.


  • FabricMate
  • Snap-tex
  • Guilford of Maine

Different fillers can give either sound absorption qualities, tackable qualities, or both.Filler substrates can include

  • Cotton
  • Fibreglass
  • Mineral Fiber Board
  • Foam

Fabric wrapped track systems can complement any commercial or residential space. From corporate conference rooms, to home theater rooms, the fabric wrapped track system have a wide range of uses. Many different fabrics can be “tucked’ into the track system and many different kinds of fillers can produce the desired sound/ tackable qualities.

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Track System

Track System – Corner

Track System – Edge

Panel System

Panel System – Front

Panel System – Back

Acoustic Systems Installation

In contrast to the stretched fabric system. In a panel system the fabric or vinyl is directly adhered to the filler substrate. This style panels work well for many different style of installations. Panels can either be prefabricated to general specifications, and adjusted to fit onsite, or they are built to exact dimensions. Many different filler styles exist to meet the needs of either acoustical properties, tackable properties, or both. These can include fibreglass filler, cotton filler, wood or plastics.

Vinyl and other heavy duty covering materials are best suited for the Panel style installation. This can provide a more durable surface compared the fabric of a track system.

Precision Wallcovering & Painting has installed panel systems in countless schools & commercial spaces throughout California.


  • Chatfield Clarke
  • Carnegie- Artform
  • L.B.I. Boyd
  • Koroseal Acoustical Products
  • Armstrong- Tectum
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Filler
  • Wood Fibre panels

Precision Wallcovering & Painting can help determine which system best suits your needs and provides the benefit you are looking for.

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