The start of this new year is also the start of a new decade. What better time to roll up your sleeves and revitalize your business? If you’re the manager or owner of an office building or a shopping center, it’s time to think about how you can help your building compete in an increasingly competitive commercial environment so that you can continue strong into the 2020s.

Whether you have a retail building, an industrial building, or an office building, first impressions are crucially important. What does it say about your establishment if your location looks shabby and neglected? Faded paint, peeling stucco, cracks, and stains all give the sense that you aren’t the kind of business that pays attention to details. Make sure your customers know better—a fresh coat of paint and some maintenance go a long way toward showing your commitment to quality, and people will notice.

In addition to the general exterior of your building, first impressions are also made at the entrance. What does the entrance to your business say about your company? Does it have a “wow” factor? It should. There’s no better way (and no better time) to grab customers’ attention. The reception area, the lobby, and even the name above the door should look sharp. It may be what makes a prospective tenant decide they want to move their business into your building, or what makes potential new employees decide they want to work in your building.

But don’t stop there—keep the great impressions going by making sure all of the inside is appealing and fresh-looking. A crisp paint job or a creative wallcovering can elevate the interior and make you stand out from your competitors. Don’t let stained ceiling tiles or scuffed walls define how you do business. If prospective tenants or customers have to choose between you and another building, let yours be the one that makes the decision easy.

The commercial building market can be tough, and there are a lot of factors that drive tenant decisions about facilities. Don’t lose out to competitors by neglecting capital improvements. Make sure your building is up-to-date and ready for business. At Precision, we’re experts on the planning and execution of commercial painting and maintenance projects. We know how crucial it is for your business to look professional and appealing. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you gear up for the decade ahead, on budget and on time!